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AI 10 Commandments

10 AI commandments

To frame the best AI project, it’s worth considering these 10 AI commandments, as accumulated by AIexperts:

  1. Don’t pretend AI is human: AI is mathematics, not magic, so stop referring to it as a person and realize that it is, in fact, a computer.

  2. Follow the full customer journey: it’s better to answer a handful of questions well than answer a ton [and badly].

  3. Don’t get hung up on the idea of a chatbot: focus on the cognitive experience and explore other UIs which may be better for your situation, such as email, voice or CRM.

  4. Don’t be blinkered: there are other types of AI out there beyond Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Nets… cognitive reasoning, for example. Be sure to check out all the possibilities before committing to one.

  5. Don’t use AI for the sake of it: if you can do something better by using traditional technology then do it that way.

  6. Understand the business case: be sure to define ‘success’ or your proof of concept will be nothing more than an interesting toy.

  7. Automate: focus on one task at a time and don’t try to automate a whole person.

  8. Enhance humans: look at how you can amplify their skills – don’t try to replace them.

  9. Don’t suspend reality: if you are in a regulated industry, for example, and the rationale of the system needs to be audited, then Machine Learning won’t work, no matter how clever the algorithm.

  10. Get started, experiment and learn from your mistakes: AI is more accessible than ever and remember that no one has all the answers.

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