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We are working to evaluate many of the solutions below to provide reviews and potential partnerships. In the meantime here is a selection of some of the companies we think are cool in this space.

SuMo tracks & records patterns of high-value (often complex) behaviours such as these:

  • A sales call was made; it lasted more than 10 mins; to a senior job title & is the 20th such call today

  • A rep has moved 200K worth of Opportunities to the ‘Qualified’ stage during this quarter

Pace Productivity

Pace Productivity Inc. is an international consulting firm that specializes in improving corporate productivity by conducting employee-friendly time studies. Employees enjoy tracking their own time with our proprietary TimeCorder devices. 


Artesian uses artificial intelligence and machine based learning to provide more contextual and relevant information on markets, companies and individuals than traditional lists and search engines. Artesian saves research time, increases productivity and helps your client facing teams understand their customers better.

Cyance, Nexus, monitors and stores signals across the web, ad networks and social media. We build predictive layers from billions of behaviour signals taken from thousands of locations. This insight beams a light on the organisations that are most likely to buy.

Nexus finds the places where your customers go to research solutions and machine learning to predict customers most likely to buy or leave for a competitor.


Engagio helps B2B marketers drive new business and expand relationships with high-value accounts. With Engagio’s marketing orchestration software, you can create and measure engagement in one tool, drive ongoing success, and measure impact easily.
Engagio orchestrates integrated account-based programs, providing the scale benefits of automation with the personalization benefits of the human touch. Our software complements Salesforce and existing marketing automation solutions, so getting started is easy!


PeopleAI is on a mission to help teams close more business with greater visibility into their effort and efficiency. It collects sales activity information to see where sales teams spend their time and then uses that information to identify stagnant deals, gives early warning alerts about deals that are slowing down, and creates an activity-based success roadmap for every opportunity. PeopleAI uses this access to information to provide AI-driven sales coaching to help sales reps decode why deals are stuck and what to do next, enables them to benchmark themselves against top performers, and identify what makes top performers great.


Spend less time finding the right contact data and more time closing deals.


  • Identify prospects that are ready to buy from you now

  • Generate targeted sales leads & business contact lists

  • Search on over 6,500 different enterprise technology installations

  • Fully GDPR-Ready Business Data



The Conversica automated sales assistant is a friendly customer service rep who identifies opportunities for sales and ensures your company responds to every Internet lead. Because AI messages appear to come from a real person, the engagement rate is very high – 35 percent on average. Your AI virtual assistant can get the best phone number, the best time to call, purchase criteria and sales feedback. is an artificial intelligence personal assistant who schedules meetings for users. It’s a way to eliminate the back-and-forth discussion that happens during meeting planning for the person planning the meeting. By connecting your calendar to, the AI is able to handle meeting scheduling for busy sales pros by simply copying the AI’s email address into an email exchange.​


What do your top performers do in sales conversations that makes them successful? Every company is different, each conversation unique. Refract AI determines what creates successful outcomes for you and delivers personalized coachable insight for every rep.



Nudge is a Modern Sales Platform that uses AI to provide sales teams with actionable insights on their target customers. They leverage AI and machine learning to source news and social updates on both the individual and account level by filtering through massive amounts of data from across the web. Additionally, Nudge can show sales teams who in their organization has the best access to decision makers at target accounts.

Crystal gives sales pros personality profiles for everyone they come into contact with. It outlines profile information across the web, in tools like LinkedIn, Salesforce, and more. To help sales pros take advantage of that information, Crystal gives them access to personality-driven email templates based on the recipient’s personality. This type of personalized communication is designed to resonate with recipients, deepening the relationship between the sales pro and customer or prospect. While Crystal works with both web- and desktop- based software applications, where it really shines is in email applications. Crystal can offer suggestions on the language to use as sales pros type, offers phrasing suggestions and templates directly in the tools, making it easy to use.


Automatically analyses sales activity effectiveness and offers insights and suggestions to sales pros to help them tailor their work. Sales pros can personalize their own experience with PersistIQ and view the data through different sales perspectives (account- or persona- based and inbound.)


TalkIQ integrates with phone systems to analyze phone conversations between sales pros, customers, and prospects. It identifies key differences in approaches that directly affect the success and assesses the effectiveness of sales tactics on sales KPIs.

Clara is an automated and automatic meeting scheduler. She uses natural language to respond to email requests, is available 24/7, and follows up automatically with meeting parties.

Quill from Narrative Science is a natural language generator for enterprise organizations including sales teams. It analyzes online and digital data to identify the facts, words, and language that are important to your sales organization. It produces content for your sales organization that meets your business rules and style preferences like tone, style, formatting, and the words you use.


Knowing which leads to going after can mean the difference between a good sales team and a bad one. In order to achieve favourable numbers, you need to set your team up properly with information that will lead to their success. LeadCrunch takes it a step further and uses an AI platform to decide between a good and bad lead and even verifies key information about the lead.


Appier doesn’t let data stagnate, they put it to use. With their AI platform, they’re taking data and creating actionable insights. They’ve developed a system to sift through CRM data and develop a plan for audience engagement and actual growth.

Chorus uses artificial intelligence to record, transcribe and analyze sales calls in real-time, revealing why deals are won and lost. Rather than spending hours reviewing full sales calls, Chorus can break down a 1-hour call into a 5-minute highlight by providing actionable feedback to help move a deal forward. Sales teams can ramp new hires faster by building custom training programs by using highlight reels of their best reps’ best moments.


Cogito has an almost scarily impressive platform which knows humans better than humans do. Their AI-powered assistant can listen to a sales call and report in real time what the best things to say are in order to close the deal. It detects human signals from the conversation and offers suggestions based on its findings. offers the leading artificial intelligence (AI)-fueled sales acceleration platform. Powered by Neuralytics®, a predictive analytics and AI engine with the industry’s largest collection of sales interaction data, the platform helps sales teams close more sales by efficiently engaging with the right prospects, at the right time, in the right way. 


Salespeople spend enough time trying to remember lead and client information. The extra time it takes to log it in CRM is just an unnecessary headache. Tact’s AI-powered smart assistant does it for you. It logs data from voice and SMS in your CRM and makes it accessible anywhere. It’s an impressive use of AI to free up your sales team for more sales.

Afiniti gets into the intrapersonal aspects of sales to help better shape human interactions. It’s AI platform discovers more about how people interact as it listens to the simple conversation. The information it gathers can be used by sales teams to learn more about how they interact with leads and how they can adapt to each one in order to close.

Gong’s conversation intelligence platform helps you ensure more of the deals that enter your pipeline actually come out as closed revenue by shining the light on your sales conversations. It records, transcribes, and analyzes all of your sales calls so you can drive sales effectiveness at scale, figure out what's working and what's not, and ramp new hires faster by helping them replicate your top performers.

“The Cloud Apps team don't just create great sales management software but they also deliver really relevant thought leadership.”

Matthew Buskell AVP Sales Skillsoft

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